BYD has delivered in Chile the first double-decker electric buses headed to the RED Mobility system. These are 10 BYD B12C01 buses.

“The story of the electrification of public transport began hand in hand with BYD in Chile in 2017 when the first two electric buses began operating, a year later 100 were incorporated, the largest fleet outside China and for this year, adding the 10 double-deckers, it is expected to reach 800 100% electric buses”, BYD sums up.

Double-decker electric buses for Chile, a real first

Among the internal features of the BYD B12C01 are that all double-decker buses have 30 USB ports distributed in the passenger area, with built-in wifi and air conditioning. Implemented with 69 seats distributed on both floors. In addition, it has 6 priority seats. These buses also incorporate an XL seat and a preferential area for wheelchairs. The total capacity of these buses is 97 passengers. The stated range is 280 km.

The buses, specially designed for Chile, are 12.128 meters long and 4.170 meters high, with an approximate weight of 16.5 tons.

“In Chile we have been pioneers in the implementation of electric buses for public transportation. This new and important milestone of bringing the first double-decker electric buses to the country, positions us once again at the forefront of electromobility throughout the region and the continent. At BYD we are proud to be able to continue contributing to improving the quality of life of Chileans through the electrification of transportation. BYD Chile has established itself in the country as a leader in the electric bus market. We were the first to bet on electromobility in public transportation and today we are the first to bring the electric double-decker buses. The success of what we see today is also due to the fact that we have generated alliances to create an ecosystem around electromobility, with a charging system, with infrastructure from the hand of an energy supplier and, of course, thanks to an innovative and reliable operator that takes the risk of testing and advancing”, says Tamara Berríos, Country Manager of BYD Chile


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