BYD 12-meter eBus has been crowned with the iF Design Award in the public transport category. The award was addressed at the ‘Home from Home’ design concept, that BYD showed at Busworld Brussels in October 2019.

7,300 participants from 56 countries entered the design competition – first conceived in 1953 and now comprising a huge variety of categories from all walks of life – all encompassing the latest trends, innovations and the unique nature of modern day design.

iF Design Award for BYD

BYD’s ‘Home from Home’ concept is the result of careful consideration of the future of vehicle electrification, placing it into the context of a true passenger experience, BYD points out. Interior and exterior treatments come together to produce a vehicle which delivers on functionality and emotion, and, crucially for the iF Design Award judges, one that bears witness to an imaginative design evoking a very real sense of welcome, delight and inspiration, in BYD’s words. The manufacturer continues: «The journey towards BYD’s latest 12-metre eBus design was the result of the globally-renowned Vision in Product (or ViP) design ethos; the culmination of a long-term, multi-layered working process. BYD’s design team immersed itself in design exhibitions, inspirational presentations and by working closely with design experts outside of vehicle manufacturing in order to assemble the fundamental Home from Home building blocks».

byd if design award

No fewer than 70 design experts from 20 countries undertook a scrupulous appraisal of the BYD product, including a presentation in January from BYD’s research and development representatives to jury members in Hamburg. Following this week’s announcement of BYD’s victory, the company can look forward to the special iF Design Award ceremony in May.

A clean aesthetic for BYD 12-meter eBus

This was the motivation of the award: «The interior and exterior are perfectly harmonized, creating an inviting mobility experience for passengers. The smooth exterior roofline removes ventilation equipment from sight, creating a clean and clear aesthetic. The dynamic orange feature line and black surface increase transparency. The cabin colors, subtle material finishing, and ambient lighting create a spacious and relaxing atmosphere. From a technology perspective, the digital mirror and new dashboard display are both safer and future proof. A lightweight body structure, the battery management system and CO2 air conditioning also lower energy consumption».

«I am absolutely thrilled for our design team – said BYD Europe Managing Director, Isbrand Ho – few people realise the constraints that exist in designing a passenger carrying vehicle. Functionality is paramount and safety is the prime concern. The iF DESIGN AWARD’s expert judges fully appreciated the efforts our designers made in creating a Home from Home experience built into a stunningly attractive vehicle design; one that delivers a striking on-road presence and a safe, comfortable and calming environment for passengers».

byd if design award


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