UITP and Moscow Transport are launching CityTransitData: a new online platform providing data on sustainable mobility from cities across the world. A tool that would be able to answers questions such as «What is the size of New York City’s bus fleet? How many shared mobility vehicles can you find in Moscow? And what was the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the level of public transport use in Paris?».

The website follows the announcement from earlier this year highlighting a new partnership between UITP and Moscow Transport to advance sustainable mobility worldwide through the collection and sharing of data on public transport. A launch event was held in March, gathering speakers from TfL, Metro de Madrid, and Moscow Transport.

CityTransitData, the hub for data on sustainable mobility

CityTransitData gathers data on topics such as public transport ridership, services provided, the impact of COVID-19 on the sector, among many others. The website is developed around various indicators, to help quantify and qualify the sustainability of transport and mobility in urban areas worldwide. Data is collected in close collaboration with the participating cities and their operators and authorities.

It is convenient both for transport experts and ordinary users – in a few clicks, anyone can get an overview of cities or study a certain indicator (for example, passenger traffic or the number of parking spaces and the cost of an hour of parking) to get a complete picture of transport development in different cities. All information can be used for professional research, journalistic materials and even student works.

So far, the database contains 6 megacities and more than 30 indicators, but their number will gradually increase. Other cities are welcome to join the project, share their data and use information from the database for analysis.

CityTransitData sees the light

“We have been cooperating with our foreign colleagues for a long time to share the best solutions with each other. During the coronavirus pandemic, the exchange of experience helped Moscow and other cities to take effective measures against the infection. It is a great honor for us to develop CityTransitData together with UITP. The project allows us to exchange data, view and analyze the best solutions – we do all this for our passengers.” Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport

“As a sector, our common goal is to realise more livable and healthier cities by advancing sustainable urban mobility. This is something we can only achieve by learning from one another and exchanging with each other – this is what CityTransitData is all about. Drawing on UITP’s years’ long experience in data collection, we know how the gathering and sharing of data is essential to provide insights into best practices on public transport. We are very proud and thank Moscow Transport for the trust given to UITP in leading this important project.”, says Umberto Guida, Senior Director K&I at UITP.


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