BusStore, the brand for marketing used buses under the aegis of Daimler Buses, is celebrating its tenth anniversary; the parent company first introduced the brand at Busworld 2013, and in February 2014 the BusStore Center in Neu-Ulm, the first and to date largest BusStore site, opened its doors, strong with 25 other locations in 23 countries and the role of leading supplier of used buses.

BusStore, a rapid expansion throughout Europe

BusStore’s expansion began with locations in Neu-Ulm, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden. In subsequent years, BusStore expanded its network and opened additional locations in Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Greece. In the past five years, new branches have been opened in other European countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Finland and Luxembourg. With a total of 26 locations, BusStore has more than doubled its presence in just ten years so that it can serve customers throughout Europe.

Networking between European sites is one of the main advantages of BusStore’s range of used buses. If a site does not have a suitable vehicle in stock, it can use the entire range of all 25 sites to find a suitable used vehicle for customers’ needs.

Buses of the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands have been central to BusStore’s offerings since its inception and to date account for more than three-quarters of all purchases and sales. In addition, all popular bus brands are featured in the sales lists, which BusStore customers can consult both at the locations and on the multilingual websites.

BusStore, safety and transparency

Buying used buses is a matter of trust, which BusStore achieves through its high level of performance, long-standing customer relationships, and brand image as a professional and serious business partner. All buses sold in Europe undergo expert quality checks and are classified into three quality categories: Gold (excellent quality), Silver (good quality) and Bronze (reliable quality).

Till Oberwörder, CEO of Daimler Buses, comments on the milestone: «Over the past ten years we have developed a viable business model with motivated employees, loyal partners and trusting customer relationships, which offers unique added value for everyone in the used bus business. In the future we will also launch a used bus market for buses with alternative powertrains».

Oberwörder’s words are joined by those of Steffen Germ, head of BusStore Europe: «Far more important than all the figures are the employees, customers and partners who have made BusStore what it is today: a European network representing a unique range of high-quality used buses. Whether in difficult times, like during the Covid-19 pandemic, or in a boom like the one we are experiencing now: We always guarantee the same high standards in all countries and offer all aspects of the business, from direct sales to leasing or financing, with or without a buy-back guarantee. In addition, with our transmission warranty we have an absolutely unique selling point in the market, which offers our customers additional security and guarantees maximum availability within the best European service network, offering Omniplus service and maintenance contracts».


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