With an order of five new Mercedes eCitaro electric buses, Bremen public transport provider Bremer Straßenbahn AG (BSAG) is taking a first step towards the electrification of its local public transport offering. Delivery of the locally emission-free eCitaro buses will take place in early 2022. They stand out for being equipped with solid-state batteries, made available on the eCitaro range since 2021.

By 2025, BSAG aims to have 50 percent of its operations covered using locally emission-free means of local public transport.

elektrobus bremen

Five electric buses for Bremen

The three-door rigid electric buses for the German city of Bremen are equipped with innovative solid-state batteries. Seven battery packs offer a total capacity of 441 kWh and thus ensure a large range of autonomy. Mercedes-Benz also assures the infrastructure for the vehicles: the scope of delivery includes five permanently installed charging systems, each with a capacity of 150 kW, as well as three mobile workshop chargers, each with a capacity of 40 kW. Vehicle servicing is also included, Daimler points out.

The five electric buses for Bremen are distinguished by a number of specific equipment items. These include an elevating platform at entry one and parking spaces for wheelchairs or strollers on the right-hand side in front of door two as well as on the opposite side.

Sideguard assist for electric buses in Bremen

Passenger seats from in-house production in Neu-Ulm have a fabric covering on the seat and backrest surfaces which, together with side wall coverings in needle felt, create a pleasant ambience in the interior. Sideguard Assist protects pedestrians and cyclists, when the vehicle is turning to the right. At the same time, it effectively aids drivers in carrying out their demanding task. The driver’s seat is also air-conditioned and heated, as well as having an electrically adjustable lumbar support. The interior mirror is also adjusted electrically with a button.

Electric buses in Bremen, BSAG takes the eCitaro

Hajo Müller, Board of Management of BSAG: “With the purchase of the eCitaro electric buses, we are on the right path to modern and environmentally friendly public transport. In deciding on the new buses, BSAG benefits from the experience and expertise of the long-established manufacturer Daimler Buses.”


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