Imagine seeing a fair representation of the European electric bus market on the road, all together. This is what since a few years (the first edition was in 2017 – the opening picture comes from 2019’s edition) the German specialized magazine Omnibusspiegel is doing with the organization of the E-Bus test, that from 18th to 21 April is gathering in Bonn the following models: Ebusco 3.0, Hess lighTram12, Ikarus, Iveco E-Way, MAN Lion’s City E, Mercedes eCitaro, Otokar e-Kent C, Quantron Cizaris.

The organizers underline that the event is fully booked and no further participants are allowed. Sustainable Bus will be attending and reporting from the event.

Omnibusspiegel E-Bus Test 2023, with SWB Bonn

The initiative is supported by the public transport company of Bonn (SWB), which is making depot space available.

It is aimed at the German market but, due to the quantity and quality of the participants, is undoubtedly of international significance.

The E-Bus test by Omnibusspiegel is a journalistic event that aims to bring together the state of the art of an electric bus category, for a whole week. Their technical specs and behaviour are tested along a tight schedule of static examinations in the depot and service simulations on a specially laid out city circuit.


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