Farizon Auto, the commercial vehicle brand within the Geely automotive group, is ‘on fire’ in China. In 2022, the manufacturer managed to achieve the largest cumulative sales volume among all brands in China. Only in December 2022, Farizon Auto sold 10,244 vehicles, as reported on Sustainable Truck&Van.

Farizon Auto goals for 2023

Looking at 2023, the Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturer sets the target of 150,000 units sold. Moreover, Farizon is going to approach the European market as well, particularly with the brand-new Farizon SuperVAN light commercial vehicle (we’ll talk about it soon).

Talking about zero-emission commercial vehicles (or new-energy light trucks), Farizon managed to reach a market share of 23.4% in China in 2022. Additionally, planning to complete its Series A financing in 2023, Farizon has announced that in the next three years, it will fully commit to accelerating development in both products and capital markets and achieve the market capitalization target of 30 billion USD.


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