It is called Voith HySTech GmbH and brings together all of Voith’s know-how in the field of hydrogen storage systems.

The company, established on April 1, strengthens Voith’s position in the growing market for hydrogen technologies and focuses on hydrogen storage systems for heavy-duty vehicles.

«With the founding of Voith HySTech GmbH, we are able to meet the growing needs of customers in a targeted manner and to exploit the existing growth potential in the hydrogen sector through our extensive experience», says Toralf Haag, CEO of Voith.

Voith for hydrogen

As an expert in carbon composites, with over ten years of experience in industry and the automotive sector, Voith has extensive knowledge of hydrogen tank systems. On this basis, Voith has developed a ready-to-install H2 Plug & Drive storage system for heavy-duty vehicles. Since December 2023, the 700 bar hydrogen tanks integrated into it have been approved for the on-road use required for marketing in Europe.

Through the new company, Voith brings together know-how from both sectors to fully exploit the possibilities of hydrogen technology and contribute to the decarbonisation of heavy transport.

The Voith Plug & Drive storage system for hydrogen on the back of the driver’s cab of a tractor unit


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