Ikarus has launched its new logo and brand identity. In the Hungarian manufacturer’s intentions, it “suggests dynamism and reliability, supporting the intensive international expansion of Ikarus and reflecting its ambition to become a significant player in global bus manufacturing again“. 

Ikarus new logo launched

The new Ikarus logo builds on the brand 130-years tradition. “Retaining and modernizing the wing motif, it carries forward the incision in the letter ‘R’ seen in previous logos. Visually, it is in line with the logos of other large automotive companies that have been redesigned in recent years: the lines are narrower, the shapes are airier, and the overall harmonious effect is, in the main, due to the proportional design of the structure”.

ikarus new brand logo

The refreshing of the image, Ikarus adds, “was perfectly timed as, in March, Ikarus won the trademark lawsuits that had been dragging on since 2017, with the Budapest Court of Appeal finally ruling that the Ikarus trademark is a ‘reputable trademark,’ enjoying absolute protection in Hungary”.

Ikarus, a new brand for international expansion

Zoltán Tankó, CEO of Ikarus Global Zrt, says: “We are proud of this iconic trademark; we thus embarked on the redesign work with a great sense of responsibility. Before we started the design work, we examined the Ikarus brand. We defined its vision, mission, brand values, and archetype and studied the communication of our competitors and the changes in the visual trends of the industry. The primary design considerations stemmed from the brand’s core values. Building upon tradition, we are preparing for the future with focus on purpose and optimism, and we are declaring to the market that the 130-year-old Ikarus is a definite presence. The image was refreshed primarily to support the intensive international expansion of Ikarus, which began in 2022. Our goal is to reintroduce Ikarus-branded buses to the traditional Ikarus markets, with all the equipment and visual elements that are in demand these days”.

ikarus new brand logo


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