IPT Group has acquired Primove, the e-mobility inductive charging technology portfolio from Bombardier. With this acquisition, IPT combines two cleantech scale-ups in wireless power transfer for e-mobility benefiting from synergies, thereby accelerating IPT’s offering of a complete product portfolio to serve various markets. Terms of the deal are not disclosed.

The group has plans for combine Primove and its own technologies in order to build a next-generation Bus Charge system for depot and opportunity charging.

ipt primove

IPT Group takes over Primove from Bombardier

IPT Group is the holding company of IPT Technologies. It is one of the leading global manufacturers of wireless charging and electrification solutions applied in industrial and e-mobility applications.

Primove has developed a strong patent portfolio for E-Mobility applications. Next to bus applications, it has invested substantially in light-duty vehicle applications. IPT Technology has its roots in industrial wireless applications and has developed heavy-duty e-mobility solutions. By combining the technology and expertise of both companies, «IPT is strengthening its market position and accelerating its business planning», IPT Group says.

Wireless bus charging from IPT and Primove

«With different markets and R&D approaches for light-duty charging solutions, both companies are complementary to each other – IPT points out in a press note -. Primove has invested substantially in developing their Z-Mover, an industrialised 3.6kW charging solution for the light-duty car market that includes an impressive metal detection and positioning system. Whereas Primove approached the car market top-down via OEM’s, IPT worked bottom-up by conducting selected pilots. The first pilot with Daimler started in 2012, followed by pilots with Porsche, Streetscooter (DHL) or EON. Currently, IPT is occupied in a Pan-European charging project driven by the EU (Horizon 2020 – User-Chi)».

The two technologies from IPT and Primove overlap when it comes to bus application: IPT has been developing and installing wireless charging solutions (60-100kW) for buses since 2004. IPT’s first-generation charging solution was installed in Turin for 23 e-buses. IPT’s third generation Charge Bus technology is used in different European cities, including London and Madrid. With this acquisition, Primove’s 200kW expertise and installed based in Berlin, Mannheim, Braunschweig or Bruges will be added to the IPT portfolio.

IPT Group with Primove: the focus on developing serial products

“By acquiring Primove we’re complementing our existing IP and product portfolio and speed up our product-to-market plans,” says IPT’s management, Richard van den Dool and Victor Hoynck van Papendrecht.

“Primove and IPT share a wealth of technology, market experience and installed base. IPT has an ambitious product development strategy”, says CEO/CCO Richard van den Dool. “Now the global energy transition and change-over to battery-driven vehicles are taking off; we need to accelerate our product development. Our focus will move from research, concept and prototype phase, to developing serial products. Market demand for static and (semi)dynamic wireless charging applications will boost for all types of transport vehicles by rail, road or water. IPT is fully prepared for this, but we gain direct access to Primove’s IP, knowhow, and experience with this strategic takeover. That will save time and resources, that now can spend on new developments.”

“IPT Technology is ready to scale up its product development capacity,” according to CEO/COO Victor Hoynck van Papendrecht. “IPT has developed a solid base for further growth, and strongly believes in co-operation and partnerships to build the future. Accelerating and realising our ambitions require strategic and financial partners. With the acquisition of Primove, we strengthen our product portfolio while improving our proposition as a technology provider. Primove has always focused on light-duty cars (power range from 3-22kW) and heavy-duty applications (200kW). IPT’s focus has been on Industrial Mobility, making IPT the trusted partner for leading industrial companies to dynamic wireless empower their daily processes.”

A new generation Bus Charge system in the future

Christian Köbel, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at IPT says: “We will further optimise and combine both technologies and build a next-generation Bus Charge for depot and opportunity charging. But Bus will just be one of our focus segments. We also have an ambitious roadmap for static and dynamic wireless electrification, such as car, truck, ship, forklift, AGV/RGV or sorter line applications. With our roadmap, we will offer operators, owners and individuals an exciting range that facilitates their next step towards a wireless future.”


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