As part of its “zero-emission” mobility project, Saint-Nazaire agglomération, in French Loire region, has selected the technical offer from partners Iveco France, ABB E-mobility, and Dalkia Electrotechnics for its three future electric bus lines.

This includes the complete supply of the electric mobility system, from design and sizing to supply, installation and commissioning of the lines, 40 articulated electric buses, the charging infrastructure at the depot and terminals, supervision and the intelligent charging system.

Saint-Nazaire’s STRAN public transport network will be transformed by hélYce+ project, launched in 2022: it’ll offer 3 high service level lines (BHNS) and the development of cycle lanes by 2025.


Iveco – ABB E-Mobility – Dalkia Electrotechnics for Saint-Nazaire

Iveco France will supply 40 electric buses, specifically model Heuliez Bus GX 437 Elec Linium, along with maintenance service for one year. Delivery will commence with 23 units by mid-2025, followed by 17 additional buses by mid-2027. Manufactured at the Rorthais site and equipped with ascending pantograph charging, information screens, and USB ports, these buses can accommodate over 140 passengers, including 36 seated.

They feature a camera-based rear-vision system replacing traditional exterior mirrors and new ADAS equipment, compliant with GSR regulatory updates, according to Solène Grange, general manager of Iveco France.

The charging infrastructure will be deployed and maintained by ABB E-mobility and Dalkia Electrotechnics. ABB E-mobility’s offer includes a dozen charging masts with a power range of 160 kW to 320 kW installed at line terminals for rapid charging by opportunity, as well as equipping a new bus depot with 40 charging domes installed on gantries for night-time charging of Iveco buses.

Dalkia Electrotechnics, a specialist electrical engineering subsidiary of Dalkia, EDF Group, will supply all the MV/LV transformer substations manufactured in its French production units located in Brittany.

A large e-mobility project in Saint-Nazaire agglomération

“Mobility is one of the major challenges facing the Greater Nazaire area. In order to meet the region’s environmental and economic development challenges, as well as to improve travel for local residents and improve their health, the conurbation is implementing a major mobility project called “HélYce+” by switching to electric traction for its buses. Following a consultation process, we selected the Iveco France (HEULIEZ brand) / ABB E-mobility / Dalkia Electrotechnics consortium, on the basis of the best technical quality of their bid. We were impressed by this consortium, which has already delivered electric buses of this type for major networks in France and abroad, with proven levels of reliability,” explains Christophe Cotta, vice-president of Saint-Nazaire agglomération in charge of mobility and chairman of STRAN.

“We are proud to be working with Saint-Nazaire agglomération on this major electric mobility project. The choice of Saint-Nazaire agglomération demonstrates the suitability of the technical offer proposed by the consortium to their high service level mobility needs and their operating objectives”, confirms Solène Grange, Managing Director of Iveco France.

“We are delighted to be supporting the St Nazaire urban area in its transformation towards zero-emission mobility. Our high-power recharging solutions combined with our HVC200 electrical cabinets, which can connect up to four charging points simultaneously, each receiving up to 150 kW, will provide an efficient response to the new requirements of the urban area. By bringing together three partners who are experts in their respective fields, we will be able to offer the citizens of the St Nazaire conurbation a sustainable, efficient and silent mobility solution,” adds Vanessa Bisconti-Cateau, Managing Director of ABB E-mobility.

“As a player committed to building a carbon-neutral future, we are proud to be supplying the high-voltage transformer substations and installing the charging infrastructure for this major electric mobility project. As an essential link in the successful deployment of such a vast sustainable mobility plan, our teams will be fully mobilised to supply the high-voltage equipment and install the charging points, helping to provide the best possible quality of service on a daily basis for users of these 3 new electric bus lines,” explains Olivier Soulage, Managing Director of Dalkia Electrotechnics.


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