Keolis has been awarded a bus contract worth €190 million by Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT), the public transport authority of the Northern Jutland region in north-western Denmark. The contract will start in August 2021.

The Group will operate and maintain a total of 77 buses — including 67 fully fossil- free vehicles — and serve a population of 500,000 in the city of Aalborg and nearby towns.

This renewed partnership with NT expands Keolis’ 13-year presence in Northern Jutland and cements its status as one of Denmark’s leading bus operators. The Group operates around 500 buses in 10 Danish cities as well as the first light rail network of the country in Aarhus and will soon run a second light rail network in Odense.

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Contract renewed for Keolis in Denmark

Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT) has once again chosen Keolis to operate two bus networks, now combined into a single contract. The contract entails the renewal of Keolis to operate and maintain 67 buses from August 2021 to August 2031 and the award of the operation and maintenance of an additional 10 buses from August 2021 to August 2026. In total, the contract is worth around €190 million.

Under the contract, Keolis will serve 500,000 people in Northern Jutland in north-western Denmark. The network serves Aalborg, the region’s capital, connecting all towns in Northern Jutland with the city as well as a university, a major hospital, due to open in 2022, and an airport for domestic and international flights.

The network features 25 lines, one main depot and 14 smaller ones, for parking, washing and refuelling vehicles.

The 77 buses, including 65 new Scania-made buses, will travel nearly 10 million kilometres a year, with 67 running on renewable energies. 32 of the Scania-made buses will operate as express-line buses.

Keolis will welcome 75 new employees with this contract.

Bernard Tabary, CEO International, Keolis Group said: “We are pleased to deliver high-quality, largely fossil-free transport to the people of Northern Jutland—and particularly proud of the trust the region’s public transport authority has placed in us by renewing our contract and adding a new one to the mix. A greener planet is everyone’s responsibility, and we will continue to play our part.”

Keolis in Denmark

Keolis underlines it has provided transit services in Denmark for 13 years, operating some 500 buses in 10 cities.

The Group also offers other transport services in the country and will soon be operating two light rail networks. After launching Denmark’s first light rail network in Aarhus in December 2017, Keolis was awarded a 2018 contract to run a second in Odense, scheduled to launch in 2021.

In June 2021, Keolis will begin operating and maintaining 47 buses — 32 of them electric — in Zealand and Falster (Greater Copenhagen), under a ten-year contract. This fleet will strengthen Keolis’ status as one of the largest zero-emission operators in Denmark, where it employs around 1,600 people.page2image15987264 page2image15978048


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