Optibus announces that usage of its software for planning and operating more sustainable and efficient public transportation has grown to 5,000 cities. The milestone comes with Optibus’ adoption in Manaus, Brazil, where the Union of Passenger Transport Companies of the State of Amazonas (Sinetram) will use Optibus’ route planning, crew and vehicle scheduling, and Timetable Optimization products to plan and optimize the city’s entire public transportation network, as Optibus announces.

The move makes Manaus the first city in the Amazonas region to power their entire public transportation network using artificial intelligence and machine learning optimization algorithms.

Optibus in Manuas, the 5,000th cities in its network

Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas, is home to just over two million residents – nearly half of the state’s population. Sinetram is responsible for the full operation of Manaus’ public transportation system and represents the city’s seven public transportation companies, with a fleet of more than one thousand buses. In 2021, Manaus instituted a Smart Cities Plan spanning mobility, digitalization, innovation, and sustainability. As part of that transformation, Manaus’ public transportation system will be 100% managed using Optibus’ software in order to improve service efficiency across 278 routes.

Optibus’ 5,000 cities milestone means that “the company’s software has been implemented in an additional 1,000 cities around the world in the last five months, since Melbourne, Australia, was announced as Optibus’ 4,000th city. That represents 25% growth in less than two quarters and 400% growth over the last two years, since Santiago was named as the 1,000th city in February 2022“, the Israeli software company states.

“We are excited to introduce new technologies to our operation and to integrate artificial intelligence into Manaus’ public transportation network. Our partnership with Optibus represents a significant leap toward operational efficiency as our team begins to use AI to offer smarter, more adaptable transportation services. This Sinetram initiative aims to benefit passengers and further improve the service as a whole,” said Diogo Feuser, Superintendent of Sinetram.

“Optibus’ adoption in Manaus reflects the growing recognition that efficient and reliable public transportation is at the core of sustainable development. It also represents the global industry push to discover easier ways to plan better, more sustainable services and protect the environment. We are thrilled to see so many cities recognize the potential of artificial intelligence and digital transformation to improve movement in their city and look forward to continuing this growth,” said Amos Haggiag, CEO and co-founder of Optibus.


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