The electric turnaround of public transport in Novi Sad, Serbia, is marked by Solaris: ten Solaris electric buses are plying the city’s streets. And that’s not all, as the operator, JGSP Novi Sad, has also ordered a modern infrastructure for fast, overnight charging.

This is the first Serbian city where battery-powered Urbino 12s are in operation. During the day, the buses will be recharged with 3 pantograph chargers, while at night there will be five fixed chargers in the in depot.

The investment amounts to about 6 million euros and was funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Solaris’ Urbinos for Novi Sad

The models about to begin service in Novi Sad are innovative in terms of both equipment and design.The ceilings of the buses are decorated with modern motifs that reflect ambient light. LED lighting under the doors of the buses has a practical function and makes it easier for passengers to get on and off. The operator has prioritized the safety of passengers and drivers. The Mobileye Shield+ solution aims to monitor blind spots and the environment around the bus, alerting the driver to the presence of pedestrians or cyclists in the vicinity, increasing the safety of road users. The innovative Mirror Eye system, equipped with cameras instead of conventional mirrors, significantly improves visibility, especially at night and in difficult weather conditions.


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