One hundred and twenty million euros invested from 2022 to date to have a completely zero-emission bus fleet by 2025. This is the goal of Moventis. A plan explained far and wide at this year’s edition of the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Barcelona June 4-7.

Moventis, zero emissions by 2035

Moventis has launched a major decarbonization plan for its vehicle fleet and aims to make all of its vehicles “zero emissions” by 2035. The company has invested 120 million euros between 2020 and 2023 to achieve this goal.

The company is structured on three distinct spheres of operation: urban road transportation, which includes public bike sharing services, intercity transportation, and charter transportation services.
The company provides transportation services to 215 million passengers annually, using a fleet of 2,374 buses and coaches, 41 streetcars, and 40,000 bicycles.

Moventis at UITP

The company actively participated in several panel discussions, such as the session dedicated to the role of the end user in transportation solutions. Silvia Martí, vice president of corporate, internal and institutional communications at Moventis, spoke about the evolution of the end user profile, emphasizing the impact of new technologies on the expectations of these users and the services offered. However, he stressed that the use of technology serves to enrich the human experience, not replace it: “technology is complementary to the work done by people who, in the case of Moventis, are our added value and the reason why customers choose us.”

Francesc Buyolo, Director of Infrastructure at Moventia, the parent company of Moventis, spoke in another session in which he described the execution of the charging infrastructure at the Moventis depot, while Júlia Farré, Director of Business Development at Moventis, provided an overview of the company’s current and future projects.

Finally, Júlia Gilavert, director of Moventis, provided insights on the issue of public sector financing in times of economic uncertainty. The UITP Global Public Transport Summit is an international gathering of industry experts, practitioners and stakeholders from around the world. With more than 15,000 international visitors and a program of about 300 speakers, the summit offered Moventis the ideal platform to highlight its contributions to the sector.


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