It is Keolis that has been awarded the contract for the Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole public transport network. A burden and an honor that will start on September 1, 2022, and will last eight years, for a consideration of 295 million euros.
The transalpine company’s task will be to increase mobility offerings, modernize information tools, launch four full-electric bus lines, last but not least, increase passenger numbers. By 2030, Keolis pledges to increase sales revenue by 30,2 percent.

Keolis’ mission for Perpignan

To achieve all these goals, Keolis will hire the entire workforce of the previous operator, in line with existing labor agreements, ensuring that the transfer of all staff currently assigned to subcontracted Sankéo services goes smoothly.
Starting in the first year of the contract, Keolis wants to significantly improve the customer experience with improved passenger information, a new e-shop, and a new single application integrating mobility information and payment methods.
Also starting in 2023, two new services two new services will be introduced: post-payment, which will allow unlimited travel without a season ticket at preferential prices for 10 trips or more, and open-payment, which will allow people to purchase a single-trip ticket by swiping a credit card on the on-board ticket reader. And again, also starting in 2023, the new “Pulséo” high-performance bus routes will be launched using twenty 100% electric vehicles.


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