First delivery in Europe for the electric midibus Iveco E-Way 9.5-meter. The first out of 3 units of the battery-electric vehicle has just been delivered Italy by Iveco Bus’ dedicated dealer Maresca & Fiorentino of Bologna to the public transport company TPER. The remaining two are expected in the first months of 2021. These are set to be used for public transport on certain routes that run through the historic centre.

TPER to make public transport in Bologna emission-free

The acquisition of these vehicles is part of a project led by TPER aimed at making Bologna an increasingly “zero emission” urban zone with positive impacts on the environment and the quality of urban life, reducing polluting emissions, noise and vibrations, with a view to meeting the objective set for 2025 by the Community Directives for “green”, low energy consumption vehicle quotas on public transport fleets.

As a result of this pledge, TPER is also betting on LNG technology for intercity bus routes: by the end of 2021, an LNG filling facility is expected to become operational, allowing the refuelling of 150 LNG buses. Moreover, in light of the forthcoming supply of 25 LNG buses, Tper’s LNG vehicles will exceed 70 in 2021.

iveco electric midibus bologna

Iveco E-Way electric midibus for Bologna

Last comer within the Iveco Bus’s electromobility range, the 100% electric E-Way midibuses enrich the group’s range of electric buses, which is made of 4 lengths, 3 types of charge, 3 types of batteries. The Iveco E-Way 9.5-meter, built by Heuliez Bus, are characterized by their exceptionally compact size, 9.5 metres long and just 2.33 metres wide, making them ideal for the restrictive routes and narrow streets of historic centres. A 10.70-meter-long version is also available. 

They offer interior space with room for 69 passengers, including 16 seats and one space for passengers with reduced mobility, and a manual platform for easy boarding. The low-floor feature puts the finishing touch. 

Bologna, the first electric midibus from Iveco in Europe

The frame of the electric midibus from Iveco Bus is made entirely of stainless steel and houses a 160 kW Siemens induction motor powered by high-energy battery pack coming from Forsee Power, located on the roof and in the rear hatch, which is recharged overnight to 245kW. The vehicle can be used throughout the service day after recharging for just six hours, the manufacturer explains.

iveco electric midibus bologna

Giorgio Zino, Commercial Director for Italy and Greece of Iveco Bus, stated: “Thanks to the adaptability provided by its compact size, the new Iveco E-Way electric bus will be able to navigate the centre of Bologna with ease, without emissions or noise, carrying 69 passengers onboard, a record for its category. The fact of having been chosen by TPER, a benchmark company in terms of efficiency, modernity and innovation, for this new electric bus route, underscores the level of confidence held by these companies in the long-standing, well-established relationships within the region: TPER, Iveco Bus and Maresca e Fiorentino, our dealer for Emilia Romagna”. 


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