When it comes to charging e-buses… Volvo is ready to provide a new alternative. The Gothenburg-based producer announced it will introduce in autumn 2021 a roof-mounted pantograph solution, known as panto up. This will join the today’s options OppCharge and Combo2/CCS, for charging with station-mounted pantograph and through depot-based stations respectively.

New option for charging Volvo electric buses

The Volvo Buses panto up solution is based on the very latest technology from Schunk, featuring such benefits as compact installation and low additional on-board weight. Panto up will be available as an alternative for the Volvo 7900 Electric and Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated in Europe as of autumn 2021, Volvo Buses made public.

On October 21 Volvo Buses demonstrates its range of various solutions for high- efficiency charging at an event in Gothenburg – the city that in so many respects sets the pace for electrified public transport. The event is part of the EU’s ASSURED project, whose aim is to encourage electrification of vehicles used in urban traffic through interoperability between different manufacturers of vehicles and chargers.

“With a flexible range of alternatives for charging buses, we meet the varied demands and wishes of our customers and pave the way for quicker and easier transition to electrified bus traffic,” says Ulf Magnusson, SVP Business Unit Europe at Volvo Buses.


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