Volvo, Solaris and Iveco are leading the Western European electric bus market in the first half of 2021 with 188, 157 and 156 vehicles delivered respectively. Figures (and chart below) are from consulting company Chatrou CME Solutions, and draw a picture of the e-bus market in Q1 and Q2 of 2021. Some of the European market e-bus leaders such as VDL, BYD and BYD – ADL are lagging behind so far.

Fuel cell bus registrations on a rise

Looking at the market as a whole, in the considered countries a total of 1,337 e-buses have been registered in first half of 2021, vs the 2,062 in the whole 2020. And it must be considered that Q4 is usually rich of registrations.

What actually stands out is the number of fuel cell bus registrations: 59 between January and June 2021, compared to 47 in 2020. Small number, but rising. We’ll be focusing on this topic on the next web event of the Sustainable Bus Tour 2021, that will be live broadcasted on 14th October at 3 p.m. CEST, entitled: ‘Hydrogen buses. Their time is… now?’.

electric bus registrations western europe

France, Germany and Sweden are in the first places regarding electric bus registrations in first half of 2021, with 253, 180 and 150 units respectively, with the Netherlands still being the European leader in terms of total fleet of e-buses delivered in the country, with an impressive 1,274 units registered between 2012 and June 2021 (it means nearly 20% of the registrations in Western Europe plus Poland).


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