ATM Milano has awarded a €368m framework agreement for the manufacturing of 46 new metro trains for the Milan metro, to Hitachi Rail. The award is part of ATM’s massive investment plan to deliver an increasingly sustainable and technologically advanced public transport system (part of this project is the conversion of the whole bus fleet – 1,200 vehicles – to zero emission drivetrains by 2030. The operator plans indeed to phase out diesel buses by the end of 2030).

The first part of this agreement has already been committed for the delivery of 21 trains destined for line M1, worth €168 million. The first metro trains are due to enter service in spring 2024.

New metro trains for ATM Milan from Hitachi Rail

The trains will have a new, fully accessible, design with an uninterrupted view from the front to the end of the service and a surveillance system providing real time video to the control room to improve security onboard.

Each train will be 106.5m long, composed of six aluminium cars and will have the ability to reach a maximum speed of 90 km/h. The trains will also be equipped with integral air conditioning and the external sides have been designed to be especially resistant to vandalism. In line with Hitachi Rail and ATM’s commitments to decarbonisation and delivering sustainable mobility, the trains have also been designed to meet high levels of recyclability for when they reach the end of their lives.

The new trains will be manufactured in the Italian Hitachi Rail plants in Naples and Reggio Calabria.


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