In Edinburgh, the tramway extends its route. On 7 June 2023, the 4.7 km extension of the tram line from St. Andrew Square to Newhaven opened to the public. The new section, under construction since November 2019, cost £207.3 million, and was actually supposed to form part of the second line of the planned tram network.

To date, only one line is operational, which opened in 2014, and connects the airport with the city centre, serving major hubs such as Picardy Place, St Andrew Square, Princes Street, West End and Haymarket.

The total length of the line is now 18.5 km, and eight new stops are added to the 15 already in operation. On average, it runs every 10 minutes from 5am to 7am and from 8pm to 11.50pm; from 7am to 8pm it runs every 7 minutes. The operating schedule includes the first run from Newhaven at 5.20 a.m. and from the airport at 6.26 a.m., while the last runs are at 11.50 p.m. and 10.48 p.m. respectively.  On public holidays and holidays, the offer remains essentially the same.

Edinburgh tramway

The new work will certainly improve mobility and the quality of life in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city with more than half a million inhabitants. The city has a historical tradition of tourism, and is a favourite destination for tourists. Edinburgh is also home to universities. The new stops will serve densely populated  and industrialised areas, such as the Ocean Terminal shopping centre and the Port of Leith, Scotland’s largest port with the capacity to handle ships of up to 50,000 deadweight tonnes, the base for most North Sea shipping.

The Edinburgh Tramway now has a fleet of 27 two-way trams, model Urbos 100, built in 2014The 42.8-metre long vehicles have seven modules and can accommodate up to 333 passengers, 78 of whom are seated. The platform is totally lowered, and the equipment of each vehicle includes video surveillance, air conditioning. Radio tracking system, audio and video communication to passengers, and two handicapped stations.

The Edinburgh tramway, although only one line, with the new extension, takes on even more of a role as a strong line in the mobility of the beautiful Scottish city.


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