With the delivery of the first new-generation 4-axle trolleybus, Metra’s fleet renewal plan for the suburban trolleybus network of EMTU (Empresa Metropolitana de Trasportes Urbanos) of Sao Paulo began.

The expansion plan presented in 2023 envisaged the purchase of 80 new trolleybuses equipped with IMC technology to be used on the future 17.5 km BRT line from Sao Bernardo do Campo to Sacoma, an interchange location with metro line 2 in the São Paulo metropolitan area.

At the end of May 2024, the prototype trolleybus was delivered, the result of the joint work of four manufacturers: Mercedes for the chassis, CAIO of São Paulo for the bodywork (eMillennium model), Electra ( Tecnologia de Tração Elétrica) of São Bernardo do Campo – São Paulo for the electrical equipment and WEG for the motor and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

The new trolleybus for the city of Soo Paulo

The new trolleybus, 21.490 metres long, identified as “e-Trol”, uses the Capacity 0500 model chassis, is a 4-axle articulated trolleybus (two on the first element and two on the second), has a low floor and can carry up to 146 passengers, 60 of whom  seated, in addition to the driver and a disabled person’s seat. The vehicle is equipped with three doors on the left side, as the stops will all be central islands. The trolleybus is equipped with air suspension and electric/pneumatic braking.

The 10 trolleybus lines are operated by METRA under the supervision of EMTU. The current fleet consists of about 80 trolleybuses, the most recent of which are 20 Mercedes articulated trolleybuses with Caio bodywork and Elektra electric part, built in 2013.

In addition to the vehicles ordered, a further 10 Mercedes Caio articulated trolley buses, obtained by converting diesel vehicles, will be put into service.


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