The city of Prešov, Slovakia, will soon be able to count on six new trolleybuses signed Škoda: the 18-meter-long vehicles will complement the winged arrow’s fleet of 25 trolley buses delivered in recent years under a contract signed in 2016.

Specifically, these are trolleybuses of the Škoda 27Tr type, low-floor vehicles that provide comfortable transportation even for people with reduced mobility or parents with wheelchairs. Comfort during travel is provided by air conditioning, with separate zones for passengers and the driver’s cabin. The vehicle is also equipped with a passenger counting device, Wi-Fi connection or USB outlets that allow passengers to charge their cell phones or other electronic devices. A camera system ensures the safety of passengers and other road users.

The traction battery is also an essential part of the trolleybus. It will enable the trolleybus to traverse catenary-free sections, thus ensuring service in even the most remote locations.The battery capacity allows the trolleybus to travel a distance of at least 12 km.

«Slovakia has long been a key market for us. A wide range of vehicles is available to passengers across our portfolio, whether they are trolleybuses, trams or trains. Trolleybuses from our production are a reliable Czech product that ensures emission-free sustainable transport in cities. Our eastern neighbour is known for its beautiful and clean nature, which is sought after by tourists from all over the world, and we are very proud to contribute to preserving this reputation with our means of transport. We see sustainability and environmental responsibility as a fundamental task for any modern company», says Petr Novotný, President Components & Bus Mobility at Škoda Group


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