35 new trolleybuses Škoda 33Tr with batteries will head to České Budějovice.

Trolleybus service in České Budějovice in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, will be strengthened through the delivery of 35 new Škoda 33Tr trolleybuses with a total value exceeding EUR 28.5 million.

The first 14 trolleybuses will be handed over to the transport provider in the first half of 2025, while the last vehicle will be delivered in mid – 2026.

35 new trolleybuses headed to České Budějovice in Czech Republic

A total of 57 trolleybuses are in operation in the city, all produced by Škoda Group. The just commissioned Škoda 33Tr are articulated 18 – metre trolleybuses equipped with a modern information and check – in system.

The new vehicles will be equipped with a traction battery for a range of at least 12 km, Skoda says. Thanks to this, they can comfortably serve even sections without overhead catenary. To increase safety, a modern camera system will be installed.

“This contract is very important for us for the renewal of our fleet, but it is also the largest investment in the history of the transport provider, which will bring our passengers the latest means of transport and thus improve the quality and attractiven ess of public transport in our city,” said Slavoj Dolejš, Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Transport Provider of the city of České Budějovice.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to further develop our already strong relationship with České Budějovice – a city that is home to almost 60 Škoda trolleybuses. We are ready to provide its residents with a reliable and sustainable public transport solution. The Škoda 33Tr trolleybuses mark a shift not only in transport, but also in providing an exceptional experience for every passenger”, stated Karel Majer, Chairman of the Board of Management of Škoda Electric in Škoda Group.


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