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Battery manufacturer Microvast goes public

Microvast goes public. The battery manufacturer commenced trading on the Nasdaq on July 26 under the ticker ‘MVST’. The company has completed the business combination with Tuscan Holdings, resulting in the new name ‘Microvast Holdings, Inc.’ Founded in Houston in 2006, Microvast develops b...

Cummins launches testing of IC engine fueled with hydrogen

Cummins has began testing a hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine. Following the proof-of-concept testing, the company plans to evaluate the engine in a variety of on- and off-highway applications, supporting the company’s efforts to accelerate the decarbonization of commercial vehicles. Cummin...


Yutong Xiaoyu 2.0 autonomous bus wins the 2021 Red Dot Award

The Yutong Xiaoyu 2.0 has been awarded the design prize 2021 Red Dot Award. Developed by the Chinese group – the largest bus builder in the world for production volumes -, the 5.5-meter shuttle bus stands out for being the world’s first autonomous bus recognized by world-class industrial desig...
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Charging batteries, food for minds [The Battery Cycle #4]

Below, a contribution fromClaudius Jehle, CEO of volytica diagnostics GmbH*.It’s the fourth of a series of knowledge articles (a cycle, indeed) on a series of topics around Li-Ion Batteries,written by  Claudius and other field-related experts.Feedbacks, questions and contributions are welcome (at in...

New battery concept announced by IAV, with focus on recyclability

Easier to recycle, with possibility of integrating it into exiting e-models. Engineering company IAV has developed a battery concept that is easier to recycle than existing battery systems and, then, with an improved CO2 balance. The concept can be easily integrated into existing e-models too, the c...

A 2nd life e-bus battery to power Extreme E operations

From powering a bus around Stockholm to powering Extreme E’s remote operations. It’s the journey made by a Zenobe-owned battery system as the company announces it is charge of providing a second-life battery to Extreme E’s site operations. These include the team garages and critical broadcast ...
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