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Stress level: what hurts? [The Battery Cycle #7]

Below, a new contribution fromClaudius Jehle, CEO of volytica diagnostics GmbH*.It’s the seventh of a series of knowledge articles (a cycle, indeed) on a series of topics around Li-Ion Batteries,written by Claudius and other field-related experts.Feedbacks, questions and contributions...

Newly refurbished Scania battery lab in Södertälje is up and running

The newly refurbished Scania battery lab in Södertälje is up and running. It is quite an important facility within the company’s headquarters in Sweden, alongside the new battery assembly plant (equipped with ABB robots), as well as the test track optimised for electric and autonomous vehicles that ...



Konvekta for vehicle air conditioning in public transport

A regular air conditioning service on board public transport vehicles is a very important comfort for users-passengers taking the bus, subway or train, in all weather conditions. from the cold of winter to the heat of summer. An air conditioning unit not only contributes to passenger comfort, but is...

Dana becomes Lion Electric supplier of powertrains for EV platforms

Key powertrain component manufacturer Dana and Lion Electric have just announced strategic supply relationship. Dana will supply the electric drive systems, including electric motors, inverters, and controllers, as well as axles and driveshafts for all Lion Electric platforms, including the LionA, L...

ZF unveils new collision avoidance system for city buses

ZF is launching its new Collision Mitigation System (CMS) specifically designed for city buses. Offering active braking to help avoid head-on crashes with other road users, including vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, the system also helps counteract the negative impact of the moment of braking on ...
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