Almost 200 new city buses are bound to Trondheim. To be precise, 189 MAN Lion’s City will be delivered to the Norwegian city. With a specification that must be underlined: the new vehicles will be powered by biogas or biodiesel.

In the same city of Trondheim, 190,000 inhabitants, the deliveries of 35 electric buses (25 Volvo and 10 Heuliez, with ABB charging infrastructures) are underway.

man gas bus

MAN Lion’s City for Vy Buss and Tide Buss

Since the beginning of August, 189 Man Lion’s City buses have been operating in Trondheim (the third largest city in the country, with 190,000 inhabitants). 105 vehicles went to the transport company Vy Buss and 84 other vehicles to Tide Buss.

The supply includes solo buses and articulated ones. The 12-metre Lion’s City is powered by the E2876 LUH gas engine, which can ‘digest’ both natural gas and biogas. The order also includes the delivery of two variants of the 18-metre long MAN Lion’s City G (A23) articulated bus: some with the D2066 LUH diesel engine in a special biodiesel version and the other equipped with the E2876 LUH gas engine.

man gas bus

Biodiesel buses in Trondheim, the 15 meter variant

Transport companies also ordered a batch of 15-metre Lion’s City equipped with the D2066 LUH diesel engine. They can be also powered by biodiesel. Comfort and safety are ensured respectively by a powerful air-conditioning system and an innovative camera monitoring system in the passenger and driver area.

The vehicles are not the first buses that the two Norwegian transport companies have ordered from MAN Truck & Bus. Back in 2011 MAN delivered 13 natural gas buses to Vy Buss AS; today the number stands at 260 city buses and coaches. The collaboration between Tide Buss AS and MAN began in 2003 with the delivery of 6 trolley buses. A total of 240 vehicles for city and tourist travel have now been supplied to the company.

The latest order also includes training for drivers as well as a service and maintenance contract. The deciding factor in awarding it to MAN Truck & Bus was, among other things, its many years of expertise in the gas-fuelled drive sector.

Gas buses for Norway

“We have been driven by and focused on this subject for over 75 years – we aren’t the European market and technological leader in the gas-fuelled city bus sector for nothing,” said Jan Aichinger, Head of Product Marketing Bus. “By operating biogas vehicles, Vy Buss AS and Tide Buss AS are sending a clear message in regards to environmental protection. After all, a gas bus running on biogas currently represents the most economical and environmentally sound solution for a virtually CO2-neutral form of public transport.”

“We’re delighted that the two largest transport companies in Norway put their trust in us,” said Rudi Kuchta, Head of Product & Sales Bus and Speaker Business Area Bus at MAN Truck & Bus. He added: “The buses are powered with biogas or biodiesel, which means they fit in wonderfully with the quiet and natural environment in Trondheim”.


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