ACTIA is launching a new intelligent infotainment and on-board management system called ACTiVi. Connected to a display, this ECU centralises and manages all vehicle functions. ACTIA says it has designed this new generation CPU in response to the massive influx of multimedia systems in passenger transport vehicles. The new product will be presented at FIAA in Madrid in a couple weeks, one of the main public transport exhibition of 2022.


“Equipped with the latest multimedia and vehicle management features, ACTiVi supports: WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, GNSS, GPS and DAB. This extended connectivity opens up the functional possibilities of this new generation CPU, from managing audio and video sources to viewing cameras on the control display” the supplier stresses. ACTiVi can be mirrored on the driver’s smartphone.

ACTIA ACTiVi adapts to the requirements of the vehicle architecture, whatever the manufacturer. It can be configured according to the needs of users and vehicle types, and its ergonomic design also means it can be integrated into all types of dashboards and cockpits, it is highlighted.

To make the most of ACTiVi’s features, ACTIA offers the option of connecting to its Activision display, thereby creating a monitoring station to suit all kinds of needs. Available in 8″ or 10″, the Activision touchscreen allows the driver to seamlessly manage ACTiVi features in high resolution. Coupled with a GMSL2 connection, this 100% ACTIA solution enhances the ergonomics of the dashboard by creating a simple, centralised cockpit that can be adapted to all configurations.


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