A ‘bacteria killing’ lamp able to eliminate bacteria through an innovative LED lighting system. It’s the proposal coming from the company Code 3 (Ecco group), based in the UK. Called ‘Bacteria killing interior light‘, the lamp is enhanced by Vital Vio VioSafe technology and allows the continuous bus disinfection of environments from the bacteria. The system is designed not only for ambulances and medical vehicles, but also for buses.

bacteria killing lamp

LED lamp kills bacteria

LED light does not present any danger to human health, unlike UV light, which is also used for vehicle disinfection against Covid19 but is to be used only without people on board. The Code 3-branded lamp is powered by Vital Vio VioSafe technology, which is safe for humans and animals. The technology has been tested for continuous and unlimited use around humans.

IEC 62471 standards for the bacteria killing lamp

Vital Vio’s technology is designed to meet IEC 62471 standards, provides guidance for the photobiological safety assessment of lamps, lamp systems and defines exposure limits, and is proven effective in killing bacteria and other harmful organisms including: MRSA, Salmonella, E. coli, and C. diff. Features include 48 LEDs, clear polycarbonate lens, bright and dim mode, and a 5 year warranty.

The LED… sanitizes the bus

Code 3’s Bacteria Killing Light powered by Vital Vio Technology provides surface disinfection in addition to providing white light to illuminate the interiors of the vehicles. The spectrum of visible light «works to disinfect
by initiating a photo-activation of porphyrin molecules found in bacteria, yeast, and fungi – Code 3 highlights -. This photo-activation leads to the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). In high doses, ROS causes irreparable damage to the cellular structure, which leads to bacterial cell death. These activated molecules are unique to bacteria, yeast, and fungi cells, and are not found in human or animal cells, making this spectrum of light safe to be used 2 continuously around humans and animals».

bacteria killing lamp


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