Blue Solutions plans to develop and produce next-generation batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) in Brittany and the Grand Est region, specifically in Alsace. Full scale production is planned to begin by 2030.

This announcement was made during a visit by French Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, to Ergué-Gabéric on May 17th. According to Car&Bus News, the initiative aims to create nearly 1,500 jobs by 2032, supported by an investment exceeding €2.2 billion.

Blue Solutions, a new plant in Alsace

The company’s factory, still according to reporting on local media, is set to achieve an annual production capacity of 25 GWh, equivalent to around 250,000 vehicles per year (the figure, although widely reported, is quite significant, considering that, as a mere term of comparison, Forsee Power’s plant in Poitiers has a target of delivering 4 GWh in 2028).

Blue Solutions plans to introduce a new generation of solid-state batteries (GEN4), expected to deliver 40% more range compared to the maximum projected capacities of current lithium-ion batteries.


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