Axles, suspensions and transmissions are their business. And at Busworld Europe in Brussels they brought a “game changer” innovation to increase the efficiency, balance and structure of electric vehicles. We’re talking about BRIST, which chose the stage of the world’s most important trade fair for the bus&coach sector to launch the Corner e-Drive electric axle on the market.

BRIST is based in Italy, in Montichiari (Brescia), and is a supplier of axles, suspensions and gearboxes for buses, trucks and vans with many ongoing activities in the electric mobility sphere, with epicenter in Europe. All the engineering, development and production is based in their Italy facility having 8,000 sqm area. They also possess an sophisticated test & validation center in their premises. Their supply base consists mainly from Italian suppliers.

brist busworld 2023

And the market for axles and e-drives is becoming increasingly crowded, with large groups at the forefront, BRIST has managed to conquer slices of the market. Let’s just cite the cooperation with CRRC for 32-meter trackless tram, with Karsan for the e-Jest and e-Atak range, with Anadolu Isuzu for Novociti Volt, and with Bluebus for the 6-meter vehicle. And there is much more going with prototypes or pre-serial phase with, in their words, “reputable confidential players”…

BRIST Corner e-Drive, in detail

This is an electric axle that allows for more aisle space (+15 centimeters compared to market standards), a super low-floor layout, eliminating bumps, and more door space.

And, again, the e-Drive allows flexible motor choice providing up to 500kW peak power, 12 t axle load capacity, optional rear steering. In fact, since Corner e-Drive is part of the body itself instead of the wheel assembly, the advantages are many and the following: increased durability, reduced unsprung weight, improved temperature management and ease of maintenance.

Source: BRIST

Two versions are available: steerable (840 kilograms of system weight including motors and inverters) and non-steerable (910 kg). In both cases, as mentioned, the axle load capacity is 12 tons, while. The COR 120-225 non-steerable model is intended for buses from 12 to 18 meters, while the steerable version for vehicles from 18 to 32 meters. Peak torque is 1,200 Nm, continuous power is 225 kW and maximum power is 470 (non-steerable), or 735 Nm, 190 kW and 400kW (steerable).


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