A spray for bus disinfection. Marcopolo deploys an ad-hoc biosafety solution to reduce infection’s risks. The solution was developed by Marcopolo Next, a division of Marcopolo focused on innovation, in collaboration with Aurratech.

The result? The FIP Onboard (FIP stands for ‘fog in place’) spray will be part of the onboard biosafety services that will be offered by the South American manufacturer, already tested by Viação Ouro e Prata, Rio Grande do Sul transport operator. After all, bus sanitization practices have become an imperative in this period of spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Another critical point for Coronavirus contagion on public transport vehicles is the use of AC. The Chinese bus air conditioning supplier Cling shared a decalogue on how should public bus air conditioners be properly used and effectively disinfected. Also bus disinfection through UV lights is being adopted in Shanghai.

bus sanification spray covid 2

Bus sanification in 10 minutes

According to Petras Amaral, Business Head of Marcopolo Next, the FIP Onboard is non-toxic and can be applied quickly in the passenger area, driver’s cabin and even in the luggage compartment, covering 100% of the surfaces. The total application process takes less than 20 minutes and guarantees protection for up to three days. “A fog is dissipated throughout the inside of the bus. In about 10 minutes, the product acts and disinfects, preventing the spread of viruses”, explains the executive. Another difference is that the fog acts without leaving the seats damp, avoiding passenger discomfort, and does not interfere with the operation of internal electronic equipment.

A spray for a sanified contagion-free bus

FIP Onboard technology is patented for the disinfection of surfaces and environments, and is therefore applied to the practice of bus sanification. “The application developed along with Aurratech has a formula developed exclusively for buses, with the potential to redefine the biosafety protocols related to sanitation before each trip, which will allow a safe mobility return in interstate, intercity and urban trips”, Petras Amaral concludes.

bus sanification spray covid 2

Marcopolo Next, the bus sanification

Marcopolo Next is currently defining the final details to offer the solution in the form of an application service, through the network of Marcopolo representatives in Brazil and abroad. “We are preparing the equipment for application and have started training our branches´ teams and the Marcopolo and Volare distributor, dealership and representative network in Brazil and abroad”, Petras Amaral adds.


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