Cummins exhibited advanced diesel engines and zero-carbon hydrogen engines for bus and coach applications at Busworld Türkiye 2024.

The extensive and innovative range of Cummins products on display at Busworld Turkey underscores the company’s commitment to providing practical solutions to reduce emissions in city bus applications, as well as in heavier, long-haul vehicles such as intercity buses and coaches.

On display the latest B6.7H hydrogen internal combustion engine along with the advanced Euro 7-ready X10 diesel engine and zero-emission technologies from Accelera™ by Cummins. Also popping up were Cummins’ long-standing engines, the F2.8 and natural gas-powered L9N.

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Cenk Yavuz, Director, Cummins Europe Bus Business, said: “Cummins is looking forward to exhibiting its broad portfolio at Busworld Türkiye. From the X10 diesel engine to the BP97E battery, we are committed to developing industry leading power solutions to reduce tailpipe emissions from passenger transportation applications. The products on show reflect our Destination Zero strategy to advance engine-based technologies while scaling up zero-emissions solutions. Our wide range of products enables vehicle OEMs to choose power options that are practical and relevant to their customers, the transport operators, and the routes they operate“.

Cummins, zero-carbon operation with hydrogen engines

Rated at 216 kW and with 1200 Nm peak torque, the B6.7H provides diesel-like performance using zero-carbon hydrogen fuel for intercity/coach applications in the 9-12m range. It provides a path to zero-carbon tailpipe emissions that is familiar to OEMs and operators. Its similarity with current diesel and natural gas power reduces integration complexity, while high parts commonality supports optimised parts procurement strategies for operators running mixed fuel fleets.

Cummins’ hydrogen internal combustion engine technology is also available in a larger displacement, the X15H, with power ratings from 298-395 kW and peak torque of 2600 Nm. The X15H offers an operating range comparable to current diesel engines, ideal for long-range applications like tourism and inter-city coaches where range is key.

Next generation diesel: X10 by

With ratings from 240-335 kW, the X10 has been specifically designed to extend Cummins’ heavy-duty performance down to a 10-litre displacement, while meeting Euro 7’s ultra-low emissions levels. Suitable for 10-13m coach applications, the X10 features the latest evolution of Cummins XPI fuel system with extra-high-pressure injection and a new electronic wastegate turbocharger enabling fuel savings of up to 5 percent compared to equivalent Euro VI engines today. Heavy-duty performance is also reflected with a peak torque of 2300 Nm, improving engine response and vehicle drivability.

F2.8, a compact and efficient engine

Cummins’ F2.8 Euro VI engine is rated at 115 kW and with 450Nm torque. This high-performing engine redefines the compact engine class by delivering exceptional levels of on-road performance. It powers Otokar’s new Centro mini-bus, enabling the company to deliver on operator requirements for high maneuverability in narrow streets, optimized carrying capacity and low operating costs.

The ultra-low emission L9N

Offering up to 235 kW and 1,355 Nm torque, with improved performance and reliability, the ultra-low emission L9N operate on compressed natural gas, but are fully compatible with renewable natural gas, creating potential carbon reduction benefits in operation. This ultra-low emission technology is a great fit for city bus applications. Its simple, three-way catalyst aftertreatment system minimises NOx and particulate matter, whilst delivering diesel-like performance and reliability. With high-performance capabilities, the engine combines the benefits of clean-burning, cost-effective natural gas without any compromises in power and torque. This enables transport operators to reduce tailpipe emissions and air quality impact in highly urbanized cities.


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