Air ducts, hat and luggage racks, service seats, upholstery, lighting, handrails, passenger monitors, call buttons, and so on. This is the offering of Farhym, a supplier of systems and solutions for the interior design of commercial vehicles: school buses, coaches (double decker included, of course), mini and midi, urban and intercity bus.

On the occasion of Busworld Turkey at the end of May, we had the opportunity to meet Bülent Akgöl, CEO of the Ankara-based company (part of the German Hymer-Leichtmetallbau group) but also active in Poland, thanks to the agreement made with MAN.

Bülent Akgöl, CEO Farhym

Lion, in fact, represents the most important customer for Faryhum, as the CEO confided to us: «We no longer work with Temsa, but we have very good and fruitful relations with Karsan, Akia, and especially MAN, which accounts for about 80 to 90 percent of our business». A business, that of Turkish outfitter, which is dominated by coaches, a sector that – finally – after the difficult years due to Covid-19 has returned to excellent levels: «2023 was a very positive year, with about 24 million in sales: a very satisfactory result! And we aim to confirm these numbers for 2024 as well” Akgöl continues.

The collaboration with the Munich-based Lion has been a driving force for Farhym, which, thanks to the partnership with one of Europe’s largest OEMs, has shifted the center of gravity of its production to Poland: «Of the 3,000 annual units we process, two-thirds are churned out in Starachowice (Poland), although the main market remains the domestic Turkish market, because for us it is essential to work close to our customers, to follow them step by step in creating the best possible interior set-up».


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