Konvekta has presented a “refrigerant charge balancing“ as the latest module of the CO2 heat pump for electric buses (adopted by 60% of German e-buses). This technology improves once more efficiency and range.

With the new “refrigerant charge balancing“ module, the refrigerant charge level is precisely controlled, “ensuring that the optimal quantity of refrigerant is always available to the system. This is made possible by the use of patented valve technology, the exclusive Konvekta heat exchanger design and the specially developed control technology that specifically controls the refrigerant”, the German supplier points out.

refrigerant charge balancing

Konvekta launches refrigerant charge balancing

CO2 thermal management consists of two circuits – one for heating and one for cooling. For example, the energy-intensive heating operation increases the demand for refrigerant. The inactive circuit – the cooling circuit – now acts as a resource source and provides the active circuit with the missing quantity of refrigerant. The performance of the system is thus significantly optimized.

The system also “always operates in an optimal range due to the targeted control of the filling level so that the load on the components in the overall system is reduced. This extends the life span of the system and reduces maintenance requirements”, still quoting Konvekta’s words. CO2 thermal management also uses the natural refrigerant CO2.


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