Thermal management systems supplier Modine announces that New Flyer has selected its own EVantage Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) for the zero-emission Xcelsior CHARGE NG heavy-duty transit bus range, launched in early 2021.

Modine BTMS for New Flyer

The bus model “incorporates three distinct technological advancements, including high-energy batteries that extend range up to 13%, advanced protective battery packaging for easy installation and simpler serviceability, and a new lightweight electric traction drive system with up to 90% energy recovery”, New Flyer says.

Modine, based in Wisconsin, worked closely with the New Flyer design team to ensure that the EVantage BTMS integrates seamlessly with their high-energy Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) batteries to provide safe, robust, and reliable use in transportation, Modine adds.

Modine’s portfolio includes EVantage Thermal Management Systems, EVantage Battery Thermal Management System, and EVantage Electronics Cooling Package (ECP). They “combine state-of-the-art, proprietary heat exchanger technology with smart electronic products to deliver complete solutions, designed to fit any chassis”.

EVantange BTMS by Modine for New Flyer

The EVantage BTMS optimizes the temperature range for an entire bank of batteries with a single unit while minimizing power draw. EVantage systems offer temperature management performance, which improves range, longevity, and safety in zero-emission transit- and school buses, on- and off-highway specialty vehicles, and trucks, including those used in last-mile delivery.

“At New Flyer, we design our products to leverage common platforms and technologies. As a long-trusted supplier for our internal combustion platforms, Modine now delivers a battery thermal management solution aligned with the operational needs of our electric transit bus platform,” said David White, Executive Vice President of Supply Management, NFI. “The EVantage BTMS provides dependability for our customers while meeting our environmental and cooling load requirements. We are proud to collaborate with Modine in building the future of innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.”

“Modine has provided New Flyer with thermal management systems for its internal combustion engine (ICE) buses for over five years. We are thrilled to grow this collaboration into the electric vehicle space,” said Gina Bonini, Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Thermal Systems at Modine. “Our EVantage line of thermal management systems is a key evolution in our ongoing commitment to support the transition from ICE to zero-emission technologies. Our work with New Flyer represents a continued alignment of both Companies’ visions, and I look forward to more collaboration with New Flyer as we electrify commercial vehicles.”


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