Otokar relies on Voith Electrical Drive System for the e-Kent C just unveiled in Munich at IAA Mobility 2021. At the IAA Mobility in Munich, Germany, the e-Kent C was in operation as a shuttle bus between the exhibition grounds and the city center on the “Blue Lane” innovation route (where also MAN and Mercedes e-buses have been running). During the trade show it covered more than 1,000 kilometers and transported more than 2,000 visitors. In the coming months, Otokar will now introduce the bus throughout Europe.

The vehicle is currently available as a 12-meter solo bus for up to 108 passengers. The VEDS (Voith Electrical Drive System) HD used in the e-Kent C has a continuous output of 310 kW. At peak power, the driver even has 410 kW at his disposal. In the VEDS, the central motor and inverter form a precisely matched package that ensures high power availability and thermal stability, Voith points out. The same driveline has been chosen by UK bus builder Wrightbus.

voith electrical drive system

Voith driveline for Otokar electric bus

Complementary VEDS components, such as converters and inverters enable an intelligent energy management that directly provides the energy recovered during recuperation to the auxiliary units or the vehicle’s electrical system instead of charging the batteries independently from the actual of demand.

In the preliminary stages of the market launch, Otokar has already tested the vehicle extensively under a wide range of conditions in real-life applications. «The result: Thanks to the VEDS, the e-Kent C can fully replace a vehicle with a conventional combustion engine. The system also performed convincingly during rush hours in city traffic and impressed with its low energy consumption and low noise emissions», Voith underlines.

“The VEDS is optimally designed for urban as well as intercity transport, which allows a high degree of flexibility in operation,” outlines Erdal Usta, Commercial Vehicles Engineering Group Director at Otokar. “Our goal is to offer our customers maximum efficiency and reliability. In both aspects, the system enables the e-Kent C to reach a market leading performance.”

voith electrical drive system


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