Motor provider Traktionssysteme Austria announces it’s supplying electric motor to Solaris, that will be delivering in Berlin a fleet of 50 Urbino 18 Electric (with options for up to 700 vehicles).

In 2021, TSA has won one of the largest delivery contracts ever awarded in Europe. Up to 4,500 motors for the new Metro Berlin fleet will be manufactured and delivered within the next 10 years and an additional agreement was concluded for spare parts for the following 32 years.

Following the successful deployment of the first test vehicle of these new subway trains by Stadler on January 11, 2024, BVG continues its electrification path. Solaris has received an order for 50 Solaris Urbino 18 electric buses from BVG, with an option for an additional 650 vehicles.

TSA ROAD division was launched in 2020. In late 2023 the Austrian company announced plans to expanding facilities in order to meet “expected future quantities in the ROAD product segment”.

TSA – Solaris cooperation ahead

The newly updated Solaris Urbino 18 electric bus has been showcased at the Busworld Expo in Brussels in October 2023. Equipped with TSA’s powerful electric motor and the latest generation of Solaris High Energy batteries (up to 800 kWh), the Urbino 18 electric bus boasts an claimed range of up to 600 km in its strongest configuration.

At the heart of the Solaris Urbino 18 electric bus ordered in Berlin lies TSA’s asynchronous motor TMF 35-44-4, capable of 240 kW continuous power output (while peak power is assessed at 427 kW). In collaboration with Solaris, over 1,000 motors have already been delivered so far. “The patented insulation system TSA-Dur® is incorporated, and the construction avoids the use of rare earth elements”, TSA strenghtens.

“We are delighted to equip Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe’s electric buses with our motors in collaboration with Solaris, highlighting our commitment to delivering reliable quality with our traction systems not only in the RAIL sector, but also in the ROAD division” said Robert Tencl, CEO of Traktionssysteme Austria.

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