Vanner announced the beginning of serial production of its latest 17.1 kW, 600VDC to 24VDC liquid-cooled converter with Silicon Carbide Solid-State Switching (SiC) for ZEV and hybrid vehicles.

This technology builds on Vanner’s 300 ampere 600VDC to 24VDC air-cooled converter. Named the Hybrid Beltless Alternator, the latter “has been in serial production since 2011 and has been used by OEMs such as New Flyer, Gillig, Nova, ENC and Tata. It is a main product for Vanner. Stringent testing and validation were performed, including 2010 vehicle validation in the desert of Death Valley, California”, the group points out.

Vanner new SiC converter launched

Based in Ohio, USA, Vanner is a systems integrator in the segment of power conversion and power transformation for commercial vehicle electrification. For nearly 50 years, the company has been a leading engineering, designer, and manufacturer of customized, proprietary power conversion, energy management, and communication systems, such as electric hybrid electrification systems, inverters, equalizers, alternators, isolators, and converters for commercial vehicles.

The new 17.1 kW, 600-ampere converter with SiC switching for highest efficiency has the goal of meeting the “increasing need for more accessory electrification, extended vehicle range, and the need for a reduction in converter size“, as Vanner explains. This converter is liquid-cooled to minimize the footprint for a converter this size. It is IP67 rated. In 2022 Desert Thermal Endurance Testing was conducted.

“Vanner Inc. introduced our air-cooled DC to DC converter in 2011. It has an electrical efficiency between 92% – 96%. This compares to belt-driven alternators that can have efficiencies as low as 50%. With our new converter using Silicon Carbide (SiC) and our engineering implementation, electrical efficiency operates between 96% -98%. This near 100% efficiency is especially important when heavy duty zero-emission vehicles are looking for efficiency gains to extend their operating range,” said Alec Cook, VP Engineering and CTO, Vanner Inc.


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