Founded in Birmingham, UK, in 1987 as a small store repairing radiators, to a soceity present on three continents with, 300 employees strong, engaged in thermal management for buses, commercial vehicles and railways. This is the history and reality of Grayson Thermal System, which has been an OEM supplier to the public transportation industry since 1994, and a market player in diesel engine combustion coolers and HVAC systems.

Taking up the challenges from the energy transition, Grayson Thermal System started manufacturing hybrid vehicle products (cooling modules for electric motors and power electronics) as early as 2005.
A strong ecological footprint led the UK company to have a battery thermal management system (BTMS): to date, 70% of production is for zero-emission vehicles, BEVs and FCEVs.

Grayson Thermal System was among the component players at Busworld, presenting the small but powerful Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) GEN3 Compact at the show: 750mm long, 640mm wide, 438mm high, and weighing only 55kg: designed for applications where space is limited, our compact battery chiller can provide up to 5.8kW of cooling at 40°C ambient and a coolant temperature of 25°C. In addition to impressive cooling, it can also provide up to 5kW of water heating (with the option of providing up to 35kW of heat with a remote GTS heater).


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