67 million euros investment for 120 electric buses. Autoguidovie, the main Italian private-owned public transport company, with activities in the north of the country, speeds up its investment plans towards zero-emission mobility, and last week published a large tender for the purchase of battery-electric buses.

The tender specifications state that bids must be received by noon on 27 May 2022. Considering the technical timeframe required by law and the technical timeframe for production and delivery, the new electric buses are scheduled to be put into service in early 2023. They’ll be the first e-buses put into operation by the carrier.

Autoguidovie’s electric tender

Specifically, the tender consists of two lots: the first includes a 36-month framework contract for 100 electric city buses between 11.8 and 12.4 metres in length, while the second lot provides for 20 electric buses between 8.6 and 9.6 metres in length. All of them will be equipped for overnight charging. Full service is part of the contract.

autoguidovie electric buses

Autoguidovie’s electric buses will be purchased with the help of funding made available by the National Strategic Plan for Sustainable Mobility (PNNMS) and those of the National Resilience Plan (PNRR – Next Generation EU), designed to renew the bus fleet and improve air quality in cities.

“The tender for the new electric buses is part of the environmental strategy, agreed with the institutions of the areas in which we operate, and a strategic axis of our industrial plan. An electric bus, in addition to environmental sustainability, guarantees positive effects related to lower vibrations and quieter operation”, says Stefano Rossi, CEO of Autoguidovie.


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