Busworld 2023 provided the perfect stage for Automecanica, a Romanian automotive company that traces its origins back to the 1940s when it started as an aircraft maintenance workshop, to present a dedicated strategy aimed at developing and commercializing electric buses (and not only).

Today Automecanica has expanded its portfolio into markets such as semi-trailers, trailers, containers, and automotive superstructure manufacturing.

Automecanica AM12 electric bus at Busworld

The Automecanica AM12, unveiled at Busworld, is a low-floor city bus powered with NMC or LFP batteries capable of up to 420 kWh (which can be distributed across 5 to 12 modules on the roof). Propelled by a dual motor system from Plastic Omnium, this bus is capable of delivering 250 kW / 3,000 Nm. On board there is room for up to 87 passengers.

The company has ambitious plans in the electric bus sector. Under the umbrella of Automecanica Mobility, their industrial strategy aims to transform the organization into a prominent player in the railway and wheeled vehicles industry. The heart of their production lies in the industrial center in Medias.

The electric bus platform will encompass five distinct models, varying in size from 6 to 18 meters, including high-floor variants. Automecanica is planning to introduce a Light Rail Transit (LRT) platform in 2024, followed by a metro platform scheduled for 2026.


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