by Usha Praveen

Hyderabad-based startup Blackbuck EV has revealed photographs of their 3-axles electric bus model ELON 3X from pre-production.

Blackbuck EV is a new entry in the Indian bus transportation market. Their efforts are focusing in the development of an ultra-lightweight, modular e-bus platform. “We have a defined a product roadmap in which the bus lengths are from 9 to 15 meters offering a luxurious selection on a single base and comes with Dual or Multi-axles”, told the company’s CEO Ramakrishnam Raju in an interview published on Sustainable Bus in March 2023.

Indeed Blackbuck EV has ambitious plans for the future. The ELON 3X is the initial offering from the ELON skateboard platform, with plans to launch other models like ELON 2X (10.5m) and ELON 4X (14.5m) in the coming years.

The ELON 3X is scheduled to roll off the production line in Hyderabad by the end of 2024. The company is already in talks with potential customers for pre-booking, allowing early adopters to secure their orders.

blackbuck ev elon 3x

Blackbuck EV ELON 3X model unveiled

The 13.5-meter-long intercity ELON 3X model, just unveiled, is set to cater to both domestic and international markets.

“After four years of dedicated research and development, we proudly present the ELON – a skateboard
platform that is both lighter and modular
, specially designed for commercial vehicles,” stated the company’s CEO Ramakrishnam Raju.

“This in-house developed and manufactured platform adheres to global standards, ensuring that our product is advanced and capable of meeting the needs of the next generation”. Raju emphasized that the vehicle was developed with a primary focus on superior passenger comfort for intercity travel and aims to deliver a peaceful and comfortable environment through the utilization of lightweight materials, composite body based on aerospace technology and an advanced manufacturing process – all these ensuring a noise-free and rattle-free experience.

blackbuck ev elon 3x

The new-generation suspension system guarantees a smooth ride even on the roughest terrains which ultimately reducing operating costs for operators with a aim to make the transition economically viable, he claims.

The driver cabin features intuitive user interfaces, providing a premium experience and workspace for drivers. The panoramic view through a glasshouse style ensures optimum visibility. An innovative e-Axle has been introduced to send power to the front and rear wheels instead of a traditional driveshaft setup and electric motor. The transmission, axle and electric motor are contained within a single lightweight
thus making it more efficient. The skateboard platform’s lower centre of gravity ensures exceptional dynamic handling.

Co-founder Mrs. Rama highlighted the unparalleled comfort levels of the bus, making it an attractive choice for road transport and promising a wholly different and superior travel experience.

Ramakrishnam Raju emphasized that the revolutionary ELON platform facilitates vehicle production through micro- factories. The company intends to establish several manufacturing facilities across India in the upcoming years, adopting a franchise model. This strategic expansion aims to meet the growing market demand while ensuring convenient service access for local fleet operators.

Blackbuck EV CEO extended his gratitude to global and local suppliers who contributed to the project’s development, ensuring adherence to global standards.

blackbuck ev elon 3x


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