by Usha Praveen

As electric bus adoption is ramping up all over the world, with India at the forefront of this development with a market growth of 65% last year (1,939 e-buses registered), new players come into the game. It’s the case of Blackbuck EV, a new entry in the Indian bus transportation market. Their efforts are focusing in the development of an ultra-lightweight, modular e-bus platform.

Let’s hear more from Mr. Ramakrishnam Raju Chintalapati, Founder and CEO of Blackbuck EV, where we met him at his Micro factory facility in February 2023.

He is delighted in sharing the vision and mission of the company and also outlines background, strategies & Business approach.

blackbuck ev bus india

Blackbuck EV, new player in the Indian electric bus market

Can you tell us about your company profile and thought process behind?

Since the beginning of the company’s existence in March 2019, our technical team has been working to create a modular, ultra-lightweight vehicle platform, Long-range Charging Cycle and Rapidly Customizable eBuses for Exceptional ROI to Fleet Owners.

Thought process initiated when we understood that most OEMs are slow in letting fleet owners adopt EVs as they force fit electric technology into several decades’ old diesel vehicle body structure.

In our definition, just replacing an IC engine with an electric motor is a suboptimal approach to massive innovation possibilities that can be offered to fleet owners, who not only could accelerate the electrification of their fleet but grow faster than their historical business.

Our focus, therefore, being the youngest player in the market of bus transportation, is to start from scratch and question each element of traditional design, operations and service. Further, our innovation methodology allows us to build a non-compromising product by devising breakthrough technologies.

Blackbuck EV, the goal: 25% lighter buses

What are the technology features in your products?

We have a defined a product roadmap in which the bus lengths are from 9 to 15 meters offering a luxurious selection on a single base and comes with Dual or Multi-axles.

Extreme modularity design allows various models to share the same platform or components, introducing to the use of cutting-edge materials and composites in its construction which will enable ultra-lightweight bus is 25% lighter than any other EV buses currently on the market.

Floor-integrated batteries contribute to keeping a low center of gravity, increasing comfort for both drivers and passengers. Outstanding front & rear exterior design elevates to attractive minutiae a confident look with excellent aerodynamics. Unique window lines score more outlook impression

Driver has a wide degree of direct vision around the vehicle. The driver sits fully in control in a low position, eliminating blind spots, and mirroring the eye-line of nearby pedestrians and other moving vehicles for easy visual communication.

blackbuck ev bus

Can you tell us about the current status of your first proto renderings?

ELON, the company’s first product the 13.5 Alpha version, is a modular electric bus created to satisfy the complex needs of private fleet operators and perform at a high level for particular use cases with an unmatched level of customization and freedom thanks to its adaptability, modularity, and selection of options.

The flexibility to customize capacity to the route and maximize vehicle range is made possible by the battery capacity, which can vary from 200kWh to 400kWh. ELON offers a luxurious selection on a single base and comes with Dual or Multi-axles.

ELON completely utilizes the distributed nature of electric technology, whether it be for intercity and intracity transportation or the selection of various drive systems.

First Blackbuck EV bus to be in production in 2024

At present, what does your company focus on?

The company is preparing to debut its first bus, the 13.5 Alpha version, in the second quarter of 2023. The planned start of production is Q3 2024 in single line manufacturing. Plant will be equipped through Cleaner & greener environment to work with modular assembly process with Lean thinking.

Additionally, the business is thinking about incorporating hydrogen technology into our 15-meter-long shuttle buses.

What are your plans in Indian and Global Market strategies?

Blackbuck EV is initially focusing on the Indian market. Key point is that we have plan to export as well. Also, we are very keen to partnership with global players by offering licensing our technology to expand global markets.

In what way you wish to see your products from Blackbuck EV?

As Blackbuck EV’s ELON is emerging, I am sure it acts as a game-changer in the electric bus market. I am also confident that this set to transform the transportation industry.

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