First commercial success achieved by the newly-formed partnership between Indcar and Bluebus. Indcar has indeed been awarded a tender for 22 (+ 8 optional) 6-meter e-buses in Turin, offering the Bluebus 6m.

According to a deal signed in mid 2023, Indcar has become exclusive distributor of the Bluebus 6 m minibus in Spain and Italy.

Bluebus electric minibuses for GTT in Turin

The 6-meter e-buses to be deployed in Turin will be the first Bluebus buses in operation in Italy. The tender received no other bids a part from Indcar’s one.

The Bluebus 6 m is designed to circulate on narrow streets in urban centers and difficult for conventional buses to access. It is also suitable and effective for serving suburbs with low passenger density and short routes. It can carry up to 35 passengers, and its compact dimensions (5.94 m x 2.21 m x 2.94 m) offer excellent maneuverability.

It has a stated range of more than 280 km thanks to a built-in battery capacity of more than 120 kWh. It also has a built-in charger that supports a maximum of 22 kW AC, with the capacity to make a full charge in only 6.5 hours.

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