More than 100 Bluebus e-buses are in operation powered with Siemens Commercial Vehicles drivelines. The two companies indeed foster a long-term partnership, built across collaboration throughout several projects.

The main outcome of such cooperations is the number of 100 12-metre zero-emission Bluebus in daily operation so far. As a matter of fact, Bluebus has been one of the first electric city buses in Europe using solidstate batteries (an in-house developed product within the Bollorè Group) and ELFA 3 inverters.

More than 16,000 ELFA drive systems have ben so far put into operation. What is more, a further batch of over 100 Bluebus has been ordered in early 2021 in Paris.

Bluebus – Siemens: an e-bus-based cooperation

Each Bluebus can be equipped with six 63 kWh-battery packs with LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) technology, developed by Blue Solutions, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group. LMP solid-state batteries stand out by containing no solvents, no cobalt, no nickel and are highly recyclable (and are also provided to Daimler Truck for the eCitaro range, as an optional). With Siemens ELFA drive system, the 12-metre Bluebus can recover up to 90% of energy during deceleration, thus providing up to SORT 320 km driving on a single charge, the company says.

The ELFA 3 inverter with embedded drive control functionality optimizes the interaction between brakes, electric drive and energy storage. The results, the partners highlight, are reduced downtimes for service and at the same time, reduced particulate matter emissions at the bus stops due to minimized mechanical breaking.

16,000 Siemens ELFA drive system put in operation so far

Both Bluebus and Siemens underline: «Customers of Bluebus with Siemens traction can rely on plus twenty years of continuous innovation and deep experience in each of the key disciplines: the Blue Solutions battery systems and Siemens electric drive systems, with ELFA recently even celebrating 25th anniversary as registered trademark. 16,000 ELFA drive systems have so far been successfully put into operation and there are even more to come as the needs for zero-emission, silent and sustainable mobility solutions can only be answered with technological advanced vehicles like the Bluebus».


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