One year and an half after its launch, the latest generation 6-metre bus developed by Bluebus is now joining the UGAP catalogue, the French public purchasing station. Up to now, 42 units of the new generation vehicle were marketed, 15 of those area already in circulation in France.

Bluebus 6-meter e-bus in UGAP list

Public purchasers are thus exempted from tendering and competition procedures. Operators can buy directly through UGAP by placing a classic purchase order. This single-award contract is concluded for a period of 24 months and may be tacitly renewed for one year, Bluebus says.

bluebus ugap

The 6m Bluebus vehicle is fitted, like all the e-buses from the company, with solid-state LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries that give it a range of up to 280 km, as stated by the company through SORT testing. It can accommodate up to 35 passengers.

“We welcome the inclusion of the new 6-metre Bluebus in the UGAP catalogue. The selection by the central purchasing body will give our vehicle greater visibility and act as a catalyst while catalyst while encouraging orders to be taken. The 6-metre Bluebus is thus continuing its momentum one year after it was launched on the market and is now ready to reach new customers”, says David Castel, Managing Director of Bluebus.


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