Bozankaya has unveiled today at Busworld Turkey its new generation e-bus series, bearing the signature of Bozankaya engineering from design to production, as the company stresses. The bus will be available with lengths of 10, 12, 18, and 25 meters. Ahead of this, Bozankaya launched in 2017 the Sileo e-bus range, also in articulated version. It was sold also in Europe, specifically in Bonn, Germany.

Bozankaya is also presenting in Istanbul a charging system that provides up to 360 kW of electric power to the participants at the fair.

Bozankaya new electric bus at Busworld Turkey

During the press conference held within the scope of the fair, Bozankaya Deputy Chairman Tufan Özkan (CCO) and Emrah Dal (CTO) informed press members about Bozankaya’s new generation bus and the company’s projects.

Özkan emphasized that the climate crisis requires action on both individual and societal levels, saying, “At Bozankaya, we have been acting with this awareness since 1989, producing vehicles for public transportation systems for nearly 35 years. While contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint, we produce modern, technological, comfortable, and quiet vehicles for cities, shaping the mobility of the future.”

Emrah Dal highlighted that Bozankaya’s journey began with component production for transportation systems in Salzgitter, Germany, by Murat Bozankaya, and continued with the factory established in Ankara in 2003. “Our factory in Ankara initially produced bus carbodies and underframes. As a result of the decision and the investment we made, and the R&D studies we conducted in 2010, we produced our first electric bus and trolleybus in 2014. This made us the first company in Turkey to produce an electric bus for public transportation. Currently, electric buses and trolleybuses are used in public transportation in 10 cities in our country, with vehicles in 9 of these cities belonging to our company. The year 2015 was a significant milestone for us, and we expanded our production capacity with our 100,000-square-meter factory. That same year, we were awarded the title of ‘Company of the Year in Europe’ and received the R&D center title”.


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