BusTech Group announces it has confirmed as the only Australian bus company locally manufacturing zero-emission buses for the NSW market. BusTech Group’s ZDi electric bus has been indeed designed, engineered and built in Australia.

Production of BusTech Group’s electric buses will commence in NSW in 2021, providing the first facility in Australia focused on zero emission buses.

“Our admission to the NSW procurement panel reaffirms the Group’s commitment to delivering the next generation of zero-emission connected transit for the NSW market, giving a real choice for domestic product versus international import models,” says Christian Reynolds, Executive Chairman of BusTech Group.

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NSW, the transition to electric buses with BusTech

BusTech Group has also commenced development of an NSW-based manufacturing facility, which will focus on zero-emissions technology buses for Sydney and wider NSW markets, creating further jobs and increasing economic value for Australia.

The transport sector is currently the second largest and fastest growing emitter of greenhouse gas emissions in NSW and Australia. To combat this acceleration, the NSW government recently committed to transition its entire bus fleet to zero emissions within the decade, starting with 120 electric buses in 2021, and ultimately planning to convert all 8,000 buses in its fleet by 2030, BusTech points out.

“BusTech Group supports the NSW government’s initiative to transition to a fully zero emissions bus fleet. We are committed to creating a more sustainable environment and economy by delivering the future of clean, efficient and emission-free public transport in NSW and Australia more broadly,” says Kasia Pitman, Director of Sustainability at BusTech Group.

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BusTech e-bus with Proterra batteries

Through a strategic engineering and supply partnership with Proterra, BusTech Group has developed an all-electric ZDi 12.5-meter transit bus. It delivers 450 kwH of stored energy, 420 of them of usable capacity.

“The all-electric ZDi’s battery pack provides over 420kwh of useable energy, enabling maximum range before requiring a recharge. This provides operators flexibility in both operational use and charging strategy, whilst also addressing Australia’s extreme weather conditions,” says Gregg Dinning, Chief Technical Officer at BusTech Group.

BusTech points out that the Proterra-powered battery packs have undergone extensive testing to meet the highest safety standards and are designed specifically for safe operation in heavy duty transport.


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