BYD Mexico delivered the first batch of 20 15-meter electric buses to Mexico City Metrobús. This supply involves a total of 55 pure electric buses, marking the largest electric bus fleet delivered in a single shipment in Mexico thus far, as the Chinese manufacturer states.

LATAM is a fast moving market when it comes to deployment of zero emission buses. 25,000 e-buses are expected to be on Latin American roads by 2030 (and 55,000 by 2030). In late 2023, electric buses constituted 4.5% of the total bus fleet in the 32 cities under examination in the new study “Pipeline of Electric Bus Projects in Latin America“, commissioned by C40 in conjunction with the Clean Transport Finance Academy 2023. In July 2023 Bloomberg reported that European Commission officials would be developing a plan to provide electric buses to Latin American countries in exchange for access to lithium supplies.

byd mexico city metrobus delivery buses

BYD electric buses for Mexico City Line 4

The buses will be put into operation on Mexico City’s Line 4, a route 35 kilometers long, dotted with 40 stations. The line will meet the daily commuting needs of about 120,000 passengers every day.

The BYD electric buses delivered are 15 meters long, with a low floor; they have a maximum capacity of 130 passengers, a stated range of 200 kilometers, a battery capacity of 300 kWh, and a charging time of three hours.

Dr. Martí Batres Guadarrama, Head of Government of Mexico City; Andrés Lajous Loeza, Secretary of Mobility of Mexico City; Rosario Castro Escorcia, General Director of the Mexico City Metrobús; Alberto Adib Carrera, Institutional Promotion Executive of Nacional Financiera, Adrián Escamilla, CCA Executive Director, Airport Center Corridor, Rafael Burgos, Director of Enel X, and Ray Zou, Country Manager of BYD Mexico, attended the delivery ceremony.

Rosario Castro Escorcia, General Director of the Mexico City Metrobús, said, “Zero-emission, sustainable solutions for transportation operations are essential. Since 2018, we have been working on transportation technology reforms, and this partnership with BYD is an important expression of the transition to electrification of Mexico’s public transportation system.”

byd mexico city metrobus delivery buses


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