Connect Bus has ordered 42 all-electric Mellor Sigma 7 buses to be used for on-call services on Västraffik’s Flex line. The buses will be operated by Connect Bus under a contract with Vastraffik, the agency responsible for public transportation in Sweden’s Vastra Gotaland region. The order follows 2022 Sigma 7 deliveries already in service in Gothenburg.

The new buses will add to Connect Bus’ existing fleet of Mellor flatbed Orion E minibuses, introduced in March 2020. Deliveries of the new buses will begin in the second quarter of 2023 and will be made by BK invest, Mellor’s Scandinavian distribution partner.

With this latest order, Mellor strengthens its position in the Nordic market. The brand recently delivered the first of four Sigma 7s to Nobina, Sweden’s largest public transport operator, for its services in Gothenburg.

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Four Mellor Sigma 7 headed to Gothenburg (with Nobina’s livery)

Nobina has ordered four new Sigma 7 all-electric buses from Mellor, for the first time. Deliveries are being fulfilled in November through Mellor’s Swedish distributor partner, BK Invest. The Mellor / BK Invest partnership has delivered Mellor products in the region for over five years. Besides laun…

«The Mellor Orion E has been instrumental in delivering the Västraffik Flex line service for several years,” said Gustavo Marqueta, Group Business Development Director at Mellor. “The new, Sigma 7 buses are the next step for Västraffik Flex line services, combining the flexibility of a minibus with the features expected from big bus design and technology. Our Sigma 7 is the smallest in a new range of electric buses designed to meet today’s passenger and operational needs and is the perfect fit for established DRT operations looking to switch to an all-electric service».

Christian Plyhm, CCO of Connect Bus, commented: «We are very excited with this contract which supports our commitment to zero emissions public transport in Scandinavia.  We are pleased to reinforce our partnership with Mellor, which has launched an innovative range of electric buses that suits our needs as a leading regional operator».


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